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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Cumbres History

by Frank Martindell
25 09/11/2001 07:27AM
Last Post by Don Richter

Narrow Gauge S160 Discovered!

by Don Newing
5 09/11/2001 06:15AM
Last Post by Ken Willis

New Mexico Railroad Club

by Jim McKee
4 09/11/2001 05:10AM
Last Post by Stevo del Applegato

Montrose station

by Fred
2 09/10/2001 09:25PM
Last Post by Josh Levine

D/&RGW Farmington branch

by Steffen Rosmus
8 09/10/2001 04:02PM
Last Post by Steve Eriksen

Gilton Club

by Bill White
1 09/10/2001 03:47PM
Last Post by Bill White


by C.H.Irvin
11 09/10/2001 11:34AM
Last Post by jaybawb

Today a Tripple Mix train *PIC*

by Roger Hogan
6 09/10/2001 01:33AM
Last Post by rick b

restoring boxcar

by JoAnn Seymour
2 09/09/2001 08:31PM
Last Post by Bill Pratt

The view from Windy Point *PIC*

by jaybawb
13 09/09/2001 05:09PM
Last Post by jaybawb

Trips on The C&TS

by Will Gleckler
2 09/09/2001 12:55PM
Last Post by PRR

Chasing the triple on the CTSRR *PIC*

by jaybawb
1 09/09/2001 07:10AM
Last Post by jaybawb

"Bundy" video. Review attached *PIC*

by Larry
1 09/08/2001 09:47PM
Last Post by Larry

Re: Bundy

by Curtis F.
1 09/08/2001 07:00PM
Last Post by Curtis F.

Fall is here

by Richard Boulware
2 09/08/2001 06:10PM
Last Post by Josh

Re: Aussie video. Thanks Roger Cutter

by Curtis F.
1 09/08/2001 02:32PM
Last Post by Curtis F.

Today in history *PIC*

by jaybawb
13 09/07/2001 07:21PM
Last Post by Scott Hightower

Central City and Blackhawk were sacrificed to ....

by The Linkman
7 09/07/2001 03:39PM
Last Post by DvV

EBT Fall Spectacular 2000 photos posted *PIC*

by Chris Coleman
1 09/07/2001 07:01AM
Last Post by Chris Coleman

Other news from 1970

by John West
7 09/06/2001 08:38PM
Last Post by PRR

Chasing a work train *PIC*

by jaybawb
3 09/06/2001 07:21PM
Last Post by Mike Trent

Durango book

by Eric Bracher
2 09/06/2001 06:51PM
Last Post by PRR

Carson & Colorado

by Taylor Rush
35 09/06/2001 05:58PM
Last Post by Bruce Pryor

San Juan Baggage Cars

by Kevin Cook
3 09/06/2001 03:29PM
Last Post by Kevin Cook

Gomez Store today *PIC*

by Sam March
1 09/06/2001 10:47AM
Last Post by Sam March

"Durango, Always a RR Town"

by Steve Eriksen
3 09/06/2001 09:55AM
Last Post by Steve Eriksen

Today in History -Sept. 6, 1970

by jaybawb
1 09/06/2001 06:07AM
Last Post by jaybawb

Railfest Photos

by Dave Dye
5 09/05/2001 11:52PM
Last Post by Dave Dye

483 fund up-date 09/04/01

by Roger Hogan
4 09/05/2001 03:30PM
Last Post by RBrinton

Gomez Store At Pagosa Springs

by Ron Welch
4 09/05/2001 03:23PM
Last Post by Sam March