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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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yellow pine railroad

by tom cook
5 09/01/2001 05:04PM
Last Post by Dan Markoff

Busy weekend on the C&TS

by John West
1 09/01/2001 04:54PM
Last Post by John West

489 Extra (Moonlight Train) Photos 9-1-01

by Roger Hogan
1 09/01/2001 03:09PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Triple header Caboose Tickets

by Earl Knoob
1 08/31/2001 09:38PM
Last Post by Earl Knoob

How thin can it be and still hold pressure? #2 *PIC*

by M Austin
3 08/31/2001 09:19PM
Last Post by M Austin

How thin can it be and still hold pressure? #1 *PIC*

by M Austin
2 08/31/2001 07:46PM
Last Post by Mik

497 goes to Antonito *PIC*

by jaybawb
8 08/31/2001 07:19AM
Last Post by Tom Stewart

C&S Combine #26

by Mary Miller
10 08/30/2001 11:37AM
Last Post by Fred

Welsh slate engines

by HRMO'Biph
2 08/30/2001 10:28AM
Last Post by Owen Chapman

September 8 Tripleheader Update - COOL STUFF

by Earl
11 08/30/2001 06:10AM
Last Post by Les Jarrett

Trevor's EBT Questions

by Erik Ledbetter
50 08/30/2001 03:36AM
Last Post by HKA

Georgia Narrow Gauges

by DvV
1 08/29/2001 06:32PM
Last Post by DvV

SVRy coaches

by J.B.Bane(SVRy)
2 08/29/2001 11:57AM
Last Post by Taylor Rush

USN Pearl Harbor NCNG cars

by rick b
1 08/29/2001 02:09AM
Last Post by rick b

RGS 41 and the Knott's Shop Tour

by Herb Kelsey
15 08/28/2001 07:17PM
Last Post by George B

three rivers society

by Mike Gellner
36 08/28/2001 11:10AM
Last Post by Boomer

The CASE for mandatory inspections!

by Michael Allen
19 08/28/2001 11:00AM
Last Post by Mik

Steamers on the "Loop"

by Mike
3 08/28/2001 07:58AM
Last Post by Steve Peck

#0578 interior info needed

by Steve Eriksen
8 08/27/2001 08:35PM
Last Post by Brian Norden

Green globe D&RGW lantern

by Scott Hightower
10 08/27/2001 08:33PM
Last Post by Craig S

East Broad Top Railroad Fall Spectacular 2001 *PIC*

by Chris Coleman
1 08/27/2001 07:39PM
Last Post by Chris Coleman

Osier tank gets a spigot, and speeders on the line

by jaybawb
1 08/27/2001 06:52PM
Last Post by jaybawb

Gondola Variations

by Frank Martindell
5 08/27/2001 03:04PM
Last Post by Grant Houston

Marines at WW&F

by James C Patten
6 08/27/2001 12:28PM
Last Post by James C Patten

30' Reffer at Chama

by William Miller
2 08/27/2001 09:27AM
Last Post by matt j.

WP&Y Army engines

by Steve Thompson
2 08/27/2001 05:39AM
Last Post by Bruce Pryor

The "General Palmer"

by El Coke
5 08/26/2001 10:16PM
Last Post by Herb Kelsey

Osier Water Tank Ladder

by Roger Hogan
1 08/26/2001 10:01PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Fall Foliage Run

by RBrinton
6 08/26/2001 08:35PM
Last Post by Casey Carlson

The Naked Truth

by Chile John
1 08/26/2001 10:16AM
Last Post by Chile John