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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

The forum is open to anyone to read, however if you wish to participate, you will have to register, and to provide a valid e-mail address. When you do so, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with a link which you can use to activate your account. You are free to use a handle as your screen name should you wish to do so, however we do ask that you provide a real name in the profile associated with your handle. Beyond that all we ask is that you accord yourself as if you were visiting a friend's house, or roundhouse. Remember, you are responsible for anything you say.

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Welcome to the New NGDF

by ND Holmes
75 02/04/2016 08:13AM
Last Post by tomc

Friends of the C&TS Smile with Amazon

by rod
5 12/15/2014 10:03AM
Last Post by Mccaf

Please avoid multiple posts... PLEASE READ

by Don Richter
1 03/22/2014 08:10AM
Last Post by Don Richter

I would like to remind everyone

by Don Richter
4 01/07/2014 07:32PM
Last Post by Joseph The Steam buff

Image upload - howto

by Don Richter
28 07/21/2010 04:04PM
Last Post by plberes


by John Craft
5 07/07/2007 03:28PM
Last Post by Don Richter

RG ? Narrow Gauge 2-8-0 recording (audio)

by rod
3 02/11/2016 06:20AM
Last Post by Charlie Mutschler

Antnito Depot Renovation

by Jim Callaway
1 02/11/2016 05:25AM
Last Post by Jim Callaway

How about NG places in the US? - Lonely Planet’s l-best U.S. places to visit in 2016

by dougvv
16 02/11/2016 05:15AM
Last Post by edm3rd

DSNG Roundhouse fire

by JS Driver
4 02/11/2016 12:17AM
Last Post by Fritz Klinke

Whatchamacallit Attachments

by bcp
24 02/10/2016 10:25PM
Last Post by Johnson Barr

Geortown Loop 111

by C&TS488fan
7 02/10/2016 10:16PM
Last Post by Johnson Barr

New and improved link to the Dorman NG photo collection

by John Cole
10 02/10/2016 09:58PM
Last Post by Russo Loco

NNG: Geared Locomotive Speeds

by C&TS488fan
31 02/10/2016 09:02PM
Last Post by Chuck Doan

Caption needed - Durango yard (linked pic)

by rod
21 02/10/2016 09:01PM
Last Post by Casey Akin

Automatic Bell Questions Attachments

by Casey Akin
6 02/10/2016 08:57PM
Last Post by Casey Akin

Thank you to our donors!

by D&RGW 223
5 02/10/2016 08:38PM
Last Post by Casey Akin

Laramie, North Park & Western RR

by Jason Van Horn
33 02/10/2016 06:13PM
Last Post by drgw0579

Ford KS Steam Locomotive

by weston1879
6 02/10/2016 06:09PM
Last Post by Jason Midyette

Rio Grande Southern Maps

by Colorado76
7 02/10/2016 05:50PM
Last Post by ROW Explorer

NNG: When was M&PP No. 4 converted to oil burning?

by CVR220
10 02/10/2016 03:24PM
Last Post by JointLineRailfan

Latest History Colorado Grant funding announced (pics) Attachments

by rod
24 02/10/2016 11:48AM
Last Post by Craig Kumler

USNA APATU flat car?

by bcp
4 02/10/2016 09:05AM
Last Post by bcp

Slim Gauge News Magazine

by John W. Buchanan
3 02/10/2016 04:25AM
Last Post by John W. Buchanan

Ward Kimball's model collection-photo

by bcp
2 02/09/2016 09:49PM
Last Post by weston1879

Early D&RG RW STATION BENCH Attachments

by drgwk27454
3 02/09/2016 07:28PM
Last Post by Brian Norden

D&RGW coach weights

by Paul Dalleska
5 02/09/2016 06:18PM
Last Post by rod

Cimarron Enginehouse Question

by CVR220
9 02/09/2016 04:58PM
Last Post by jim pallow

NNG/AFT - 5 months chasing the Freedom Train, 40 years ago ... (pics) ** Attachments

by Russo Loco
106 02/09/2016 04:46PM
Last Post by et&wnc

Semi-OT: Carolina, Colorado museums challenge each other for Super Bowl

by Ryan Masecar
5 02/09/2016 10:15AM

MOW Car Identification.

by rdamurphy
8 02/09/2016 02:52AM
Last Post by rdamurphy

NNG: Sounds like one of the North Carolina Transportation Museums Locomotive will be wearing Broncos soon...

by C&TS488fan
3 02/08/2016 09:45PM
Last Post by Dirk Ramsey

D&rgw 223...

by C&TS488fan
4 02/08/2016 07:37PM
Last Post by C&TS488fan

Box cab

by jim pallow
7 02/08/2016 05:02PM
Last Post by jim pallow

My Grandfather was Henry Watkins Willis

by S Bliss
22 02/08/2016 01:38PM
Last Post by rod

LUCIUS BEEBE: December 9, 1902 – February 4, 1966

by larryjensen
25 02/08/2016 12:10PM
Last Post by Everett Lueck