John El Pepsi West
March 31, 2001 07:22PM
What is unique about Coke, Earl Knoob and a few others is that they were able to become real steam mean long after steam was "dead". AND they have the literary genius (art of bullshit?)and technical savy to raise hard, dirty, dangerous work to an art form. The best thing about this forum (and our n'er do well offspring the dead gote)is it has given them a forum to start their writing. It's going to be a damn shame if their recollections and stories don't get recorded in some kind of permanent form. It has made for some good reading.
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Hoping Coker writes an autobiography

Brian Ward March 31, 2001 06:13PM

Couldn't agree more. And some others as well

John El Pepsi West March 31, 2001 07:22PM

Re: All kidding aside

Fred T April 01, 2001 06:56PM

In the works

John Craft April 02, 2001 07:07AM

Thanks Sr. Craft

Fred T April 02, 2001 11:26AM

But maybe more is needed

John West April 02, 2001 05:56PM

But names would have to be changed...

El RC (Sam) March 31, 2001 07:44PM

Innocent ,my ass !

El Coke March 31, 2001 11:38PM

Slander sells

El Pepsi April 01, 2001 01:11AM

Re: Innocent ,my ass !

Earl April 01, 2001 09:39AM

Re: Innocent ,my ass !

Fred April 01, 2001 01:45PM

Re: Innocent ,my ass !

Taylor Rush April 01, 2001 11:12PM

He's just a kid!

Bill Adkins April 03, 2001 10:07PM

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