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Re: Leave 'em at Knotts

Doug vV
April 02, 2001 06:37PM
Although having an original San Juan set at the C&TS is a great idea, I think a better idea is having them visit the C&TS and the D&SNG once every other year or so is a better idea.
The Eureka's visiting Colorado once a year is more exciting than if she resided there permanently.
If a good "visiting" program is worked out and all parties (be it the C&TS, the D&SNG, the CRRM, the Georgetown Loop, Knotts Berry Farm, Dolores Goose #5, etc) be protected and feel comfortable with the others, maybe something like occasional visits of other narrow gauge equipment could be arrainged.
for Example:
1) 463 visit Durango for a few weeks and then a 470 visit Chama for a few weeks (I would love to see one of each class in the same spot under steam). Or maybe even have 464 visit 463 and have k-27's double head.
2) How about one of the ex-Westside lumber shays tackling Cumbres? Slow and steady. What could #13 haul up Cumbres? 22 cars at 5 MPH? (I fell in love with shays when I first saw them in about 1966 at Cass).
3) how about GL&B #44 visiting Chama?
4) how about an EBT doodle bug or mike visiting Chama or Durango? (the first inside frame mike to travel on D&RGW's San Juan extension.
5) How about Goose #5 visiting Orbisonia?
6) how about D&RGW #50 visiting Durango or even her original stomping grounds on the SV?
Maybe all we need is to get a good working "visiting" program going. It was started with Eureka and now Goose 5 has jumped in and Goose 2 also.
Something to think about.
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