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Re: Disneyland railroad cars

March 31, 2001 10:57PM
I'm afraid those old RETLAW coaches are up in San Luis Obispbo now (that is per the latest Carolwood Chronicle, of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad Club). I had the same dream for many years, dreaming of how to get those coaches to the C&TSRR so that maybe someday they could be used to trade to Knott's for the original San Juan coaches, but alas, the RETLAW coaches have changed hands again and the Friends were never able to get a foothold with the folks at Knott's (or even now as Cedar Point). We must keep the Dream alive and just maybe someday the management at Knott's may change their mind (there was another employee injured recently on the Ghost Town and Calico Railway) and decide to dispose of their RR equipment or even change to something more lightweight and cheaper to maintain. Keep the dream alive!
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Disneyland railroad cars

Doug Howser March 31, 2001 04:51PM

Re: Disneyland railroad cars

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Re: Disneyland railroad cars

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Re: Disneyland railroad cars

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Herb Kelsey April 01, 2001 12:41AM

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Leave 'em at Knotts

Steven H April 02, 2001 08:25AM

Re: Leave 'em at Knotts

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Re: Advertise by touring engines

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Re: Leave 'em at Knotts

Herb Kelsey April 04, 2001 12:51PM

Of Course 123 and 128 are 1000s of Pound, not Tons *NM*

Herb April 04, 2001 01:08PM

C-19 340 and 41 double headed!

Jim Vance April 02, 2001 08:42PM

Re: C-19 340 and 41 double headed!

Steve Peck April 03, 2001 09:45AM

Re: C-19 340 and 41 double headed!

Randy B. April 03, 2001 03:58PM

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