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Re: Leave 'em at Knotts

April 04, 2001 12:51PM
This would be fantastic and it is great to dream. How I would love to ride the Edna behind the 41! Even better to chase 'em. But.....
Anyone who would propose such things needs to consider the logistics. Geese and little tiny itty bitty Eurekas are one proposition. They are light and small and can be rolled on and off a trailer on their own wheels with no damage. 35 ton C-19's, 123 ton K-27's and 128 ton K28's are a different kettle of fish. Absent specifically designed low boy carriers to handle engine loading and carrying on their own wheels (imagine the expense!) you are talking about craning locos and tenders onto or lowboy trucks. Doable, of course, but the potential for damage to the equipment is legion.
As for bringing three coaches and a parlor car of a San Juan set and the B-20/Edna, you are talking five low boys and a crane job on each. If I owned Otto Mears' private car I wouldn't want a crane lifting it! I doubt that Knotts would either.
So, although this all sounds like lots of fun and I'd love to see it happen, the logistics will probably limit us to Geese and other lightweight equipment.
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