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Re: replication

March 31, 2001 03:49PM
Michael said "The only point I was trying to make is, if the individuals and groups that also have poured their time and treasure into restoring an engine had not done so, you wouldn't have a subject matter to shoot."
This is exactly the point I disagree with! That is the "old school attitude" which hurts the hobby. It makes one feel like they are held hostage, and are made to feel as if they are lower class citizens if they come see this engine X, or Y and do not pay something for seeing it. Why should I with a video camera, be held to a different standard than say someone next to me with a still camera. That smacks of discrimination. And don't use the arguement that the still guy isn't making a profit from it. You don't know who that guy may be! He may be doing an article for TRAINS, or his photo may show up someplace else, or what if he is doing a book! He may not publish something for 10 years. Does he have to pay, simply because he MIGHT do something later! No, take the view that the railroad people should be courteous to all, and realize that a lot of potential good will is out there, and see what happens down the road!
I guess I deal better with folks who aren't so demanding, and am more likely to recipricate with a special offer to them. I've also been burned on more than one occassion!
Michael said "Some recognition of the fact that there is a symbiotic relationship between the engine and the video makes sense to me."
This goes without saying, and it doesn't always have to involve money changing hands on the spot. Again, don't just throw this at the guy with the expensive camera...its not fair to single them out! If enough of this is done it will be a major "Turn-off".
Michael said "One of the easiest ways to tdo this is to give product. Once you have covered your costs, the incremental cost of making one more tape is pretty minimal. Same for John, the cost of pulling one more print is small."
True enough, and we have done this many times. We normally as a coutesy send someone at the railroad a comp tape, and then offer it as a sale item at wholesale rates if they wish. Sometimes we don't even get a thank you letter, which leads us to not want to send them the next time! Others are very appreciative. If I have paid for a special run or a private charter, I do not feel I have this obligation however! One thing we have done for a couple of tourist operations is to do a video for them whereby they promise to purchase so many tapes(at a wholesale rate)in advance. This provides us with the needed profit to cover expenses and feed the family, and gives them a video that promotes the railroad and sells in the gift shop. However, at some point it time we have to sell some product to somebody!
Michael said "Both of you can deduct the fair market price for the donation and the group gets something they can sell."
I think you can only deduct the actual cost of the merchandise just the same as you do regardless of the end user, so this is a non-issue. I don't believe you can deduct the retail value.
I do support the tourist railway preservation movement which is evident from the things we have produced and supported. I do think many are missing the boat as far as promoting themselves through the use of video, and other multimedia.
Very few tourist railroads sell our products which still baffles me, when they can be making decent profit on it. Last year we offered to give one operation videos on consignment since they were strapped for cash. We didn't even get a response from the gift shop person. If thats the way they do business its no wonder they have a difficult financial situation, and I am probably better off not dealing with them. I don't really want to bash anybody here, and we have strayed from narrow gauge discussion.
A final thought here. Just remember we are all on the same side! Cheers.
Greg Scholl
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