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Re: replication

March 31, 2001 10:48AM
Michael, part of the problem is that railfans and private train owners don't respect the video people and artists who are going out on a limb to make the stuff. They only look at the potential dollars. What gripes me sometimes is that folks like us are always supposed to pony-up a donation or pay something for the priviledge to shoot something when others do not. And, when it comes to the media, they are welcome with open arms, since folks figure they are getting direct exposure for their endeavor to a mass audience. This is true, but remember the TV stations MAKE A PROFIT TOO! Its called advertising. Without that they could not afford to cover anything.
Part of the reason I do what I do, and Coker does what he does, is that we like railroading. While Coker has more hands-on experience there are different degrees of enjoyment of the hobby. Its not a lot of fun sometimes when you have to try to justify what you do to the other fans when basically all we are doing is providings some additional entertainment for this small market industry which is always in need of more cash like everyone else.
I disagree with your idea of giving a percentage to outfits we videotape. Yes I will support them, and am doing so just by showing up to a certain degree. I have supported various groups(some more than others like the C&TS), but I can't be the sugar daddy for each one of them.
Again, I think you fail to respect the costs and time involved with video production. Most production houses would laugh at what we are doing. In fact many have asked me when I do editing what the railroads are PAYING US to do these videos. I state we are doing them all on speculation essentially.
As for giving back something. We always offer to sell our videos at a substantial discount to ALL railroad museums, stores, and other establishments, so that they CAN get their piece of the pie. But, I don't feel I MUST spend all my time and energy and money, on equipment and travel and simply hand-over royalties. I might as well work at McDonalds, where I at least would get a free meal! Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with paying my fair share for tickets when I want to ride, or charters, or whatever. However, if I have to pay, I won't feel obligated to list places in the credits either!
In a perfect world tapes would be selling for what they did 10 years ago, and we could gladly do as you suggest. In 2001, it is impossible! At least when I did my wildlife tape I didn't have to pay the animals a royalty, and there are far more folks interested!
Greg Scholl
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