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Dispatcher 2 game

June 08, 2000 11:31PM
If anyone is interested, I developed territories for the D&RGW 3rd division (Salida to Montrose)and the D&RGW 4th division (Alamosa to Durango) for Train Dispatcher 2 Railroad Computer Game by Signal Computer ( [www.signalcc.com] /).
They are for running the D&RGW about 1920. I do not recall the actual timetable I used. Since the game could not understand fractional speeds, there is some compromise. However running the railroad as a dispatcher gave me a better understanding of how the D&RGW actually ran. I never really realized how important Gato was and I did not realize how busy Cimmaron to Montrose got.
If anyone would like to run these territories, on their Dispatcher 2, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the territories.
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Dispatcher 2 game

Doug vV June 08, 2000 11:31PM

Dispatcher 2 game description

Doug vV June 10, 2000 03:24PM

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