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Dispatcher 2 game description

Doug vV
June 10, 2000 03:24PM
DRG4rd21.trk is the D&RGW 3rd Division from Salida to Gunnison to Grand Junction with branches to Alamosa, Monarch, Baldwin, Crested Butte, Lake City, Cottonwood, and Sommerset. A 1920 employee's timetable was used. I did include the standard gauge lines also. The design limits provided in Track Builder are 250 switches, 250 signals, and 600 (or is it 500) blocks. I ran up against both the signal and block limits and so the full flexibility of operation is not there. However it does make operation more of a challenge when something goes wrong (i.e. a hot box). Some of the track arraignments might not be exactly correct due to the limits I had to follow. Trains from the RGS at Ridgeway are also shown.
DRG4th30.trk is the 4th division taken from a 1918 employee timetable. It includes the entire 4th division from La Veta to Creede, Santa Fe, Tropic, Ojo, La Madera, Pagosa Springs, Silverton, Santa Fe, and Farmington. Trains from the Southern San Luis Valley, Rio Grande and Southwestern, San Luis Central, and RGS are depicted also. Due to the limitations of Track Builder, compromises were made. Again if nothing unexpected happens and you run by the schedule, you will not be off more than about 5 minutes from the schedule. However, Creede is not supposed to have more than one train at a time and I did not have the resources to make the track work that way to Creede. It is the honor system.
As for icons, I recommend that east and west passenger loco be selected as the Amtrak diesel. The east and west freight be the steam locomotive. The caboose icons I left as default so I could tell which class of train was running. I found it most enjoyable this way. I choose these since east and west bound trains do turn around and change between left-to-right and right-to-left directions. Feel free to find your own preferences.
If you have suggestions on changes or corrections, I am willing to see what can be done in the original data files. Since Dispatch 2 can not take fractionl MPH speeds (i.e. 5.27), the simulation does drift a little bit from the time table.
Both territories are sort of slow to start with but once about 0700 occurs, things get interesting. The 3rd divison does not have the full 24 hours represented but there are no scheduled trains so why start at an unmoving screen for 10 minutes?
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Dispatcher 2 game

Doug vV June 08, 2000 11:31PM

Dispatcher 2 game description

Doug vV June 10, 2000 03:24PM

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