Earl the responder
June 07, 2000 05:20PM
483's boiler is restorable. It needs a rear flue sheet and the knuckle bend from the flue sheet up and over into the crownsheet changed (both items have been done already several times in Chama - and will need to be done to 488). 483 did give up a lot of parts to the 482 in the Great Swap of 1992. Some of which will be difficult to replace or replicate. 483 will need an entire new tender - the tank leaks light (as well as water), the frame is bent (scars from its wreck in 1958) the tender trucks have several broken journal boxes (483's were robbed to keep engines going).
492 is basicly all there and was not run until it was condemned. Spring rigging is fair, tires are good (and will take another turning). I believe 492 got a new firebox in the 50's, in which case it should not have the oversize staybolt problems the 497 has (oversize bolts break instead of bending). 492 would need a new tender tank (another "light leaker"). The missing parts from 492 should still be around. They were removed during a misguided plan to send it to Antonito for display in the 1980's.
494 and 495 were both pretty well stripped for parts by the D&RGW before they got here.
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