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Re: Locos & C&TS

Wade Hall
June 04, 2000 03:06PM
483 did indeed run during the C&TS's early days. My recollection is that it needs running gear and firebox work. It undoubtedly has "lost" some parts to other locomotives. 494 and 495 have been fairly heavily cannibalized for parts. They were listed as "unserviceable" by the Rio Grande in the 60's (of course, so were 482, 486, and 489 for that matter, so go figure). 492 ran last in the mid-'60's.
During the last couple of years of freight operation ('67 and '68), the D&RGW used 483, 484, 487, and 488 of the K-36's; 493, 497, and 498 of the K-37's. (One of my treasured photos is a Brownie photo of a junior-high age me in front of a simmering 493 in Durango in 1967). 481 was the last K-36 overhauled in Alamosa, but was hauled dead to Durango and never again used by the Rio Grande.
463 and 489 were returned to service by the C&TS; 480, 481 (after another overhaul), 482, 497 (and soon, 486) by the D&S.
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Locos & C&TS

Doug vV June 03, 2000 06:36PM

Re: Locos & C&TS

Wade Hall June 04, 2000 03:06PM

If we could get Earl to comment

Kevin Cook June 06, 2000 02:17PM

Re: If we could get Earl to comment

Earl the responder June 07, 2000 05:20PM

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