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Re: The truth on #48...

December 18, 2011 01:10PM avatar
Hold yer iron horses there pardner...

First off #48 is still in negotiations and is far from a done deal.

The information that was placed about its sale to GLRR is very premature and somewhat hearsay. It comes from a railfan who visited the tourist train in Bogota a week ago and spoke to the owner of the #8 which is being restored there and then posted it to an International Steam Blog

GLRR is hopeful that we can get this very capable locomotive for the operations here. To see it in person is almost like looking at the baby sister of a K-27!

As for #1 at Midwest, that loco is a no-go. Bad boiler and cracked saddle. Anyone interested in a display locomotive? Contact Matt Crull back there in Iowa.

And the #111 is still needing major work. I won't go into details, but if GLRR was to acquire the #48, it will most likely be restored ahead of #111.

Everett posted the Youtube of #48 shortly after a rebuild in 1981. It had been out of service since 1979. It then ran at its old stomping grounds out of Medellin until 1995. It was purchased by the tourist train in Bogota along with sister #44 in 1995 and moved to Bogota.

Bearing the Baldwin class of 1226 ΒΌ E 91, built in May of 1928, it was the next to last one ordered for the mountainous lines in Antioquia. Sister #49 was built with Caprotti Poppet valve gear which was removed by Baldwin in Aug. 1930 and replaced with Walschaerts like the rest of her sisters.

As for a comparison between the #48 and #111, #48 is rated for up to 4.5% grades uncompensated, #111 only 3%. #48 has a sharper turning radius of 200' vs 213' for #111. #111 weighs 26,000# more than the #48 and has a higher TE @ 27,264 vs 19,550 for #48.

If and when GLRR does secure the #48, GLRR will make an official announcement to the railfan community. It will certainly make an excellent addition to the Loop and hopefully provide an option of sustainability for the future.

Here is a shot of #48 at the La Sabana Shops. All these were taken around 1995 and sent to me by the Mechanical Engineer at Tren Turistico.
48 La Saban Shops 1985.jpg

Sister Engine #47 @ Flandes where so many of the Colombian steam locomotives sat and rusted away until scrapping began.
47 La Sabana Shops 1985.jpg

#46 @ Flandes
46 La Saban Shops 1985.jpg

#8 derelict @ La Sabana and now under restoration
49 La Sabana derelict 1985.jpg

#44 @ La Sabana
44 La Sabana Shops 1985.jpg
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