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Pitstops and Places of Interest

June 11, 2000 12:39AM
As many of you head west this summer to Chama, I thought that I would make a few suggestions of lesser known places to stop and take a break for a few minutes in Missouri and Kansas.
As you head west, starting in St. Louis along I70
1. A-B Brewery and Company Headquarters
Tours are offered complete with free samples at the end.
2. Roman Catholic Cathedral
The last cathedral built in the U.S.
3. Forest Park Zoo
One of the largest and best kept zoos in the country. FREE
4. Wine Country About an hour west there is a Stone Hill Winery store at New Florence. Stone Hill Winery is actually at Hermann about a half hour south. Until Prohibition it was the largest winery in the U.S. and second in the World. Unlike California, the state came in and plowed under the grapes thereby erasing all hoped of lasting out Prohibition and starting back up. Is has been a long haul however Missouri is now producing award winning wine once again.
5. Columbia- Home of MU
I'm a KU alum - nuff said
6. Independence, Mo
Truman Lib. and Historical District Not so short stop, but shouldn't be missed
National Trail Center Historical site and Mus. where the California, Oregon, and Sante Fe trails started.
7. Kansas City
Steamboat Arabia Mus. The Arabia riverboat sunk after hitting a submerged log in the late 1850s. It was located in a farmers field in the late 1980s. The goods aboard were in remarkable shape. Authentic clothing, farm implements, personal items, whiskey, rum, and wine still in the bottle, french perfume, and other items.
Ag Hall of Fame Just west of Kansas City, the National Agriculture Hall of Fame gives people an idea of what old time farming was really like.
8. Lawrence, Ks Home of KU - nuff said I could go on forever
9. Topeka Skip it
10. Ft. Riley The US Army Calvery Mus. is excellent
11. Abilene Eisenhower Center
Most of these stops can be done in 30 minutes to a hour, and it beats another gas station stop.
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Pitstops and Places of Interest

Slim June 11, 2000 12:39AM

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