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C&TS caboose 05635

June 08, 2000 11:11PM
I've seen several posts on 05635 getting sheathing. I remember I rented 05635 for what was intended to be my only caboose charter (I've done it 4 or 5 times now). It was the least expensive of the group.
I remembered I'd asked about 0503 and the reservations clerk said they did not have a caboose by that number !!!! (if memory serves, that was the year 0503 went off the Chama wye tail track and was damaged) I did ride 0503 on the Chama side of Cumbres behind the Eureka a few years later. I'm glad I did get to ride in 0503, but I've always returned to 05635.
I prefer 05635, it has a toilet and 0503 does not. Very important if ladies are along. The last time I rented 05635 I was told that they did not put water in the tank of 05635 to allow flushing the toliet. I knew better, I'd had the caboose too many times before and it was important for Mom. However, I could not get them to put a few measly gallons of water into the car. (yes, this was in 1999 with George at the helm).
If you are a railfan photographer, the cupola has(had) five or six windows that would open and all eight (8) cupola windows are allot larger than 0503's windows. A much better view and you are not shooting through plastic or glass.
The first time I rode 05635, was about 1995 (the year was the last John Bush worked for the C&TS). On the way up to Osier, of course the caboose was the last car on the train. It was great to stand on the rear porch and watch the country roll by. I also had a great converstation with a crewman who was there keeping an eye out for possible fires. The only way it could have been better was if the porch was large enough for a lawn chair.
At Osier, we swapped locos. I had a great view of the loco looking from the cupola over the tender into the cab (if I recall correctly I could see into the cab, I know I could see the track ahead). I made one mistake here, I had the end window closest to the loco open and when he hit the first grade, we got pelted with cinders. After we got the window closed, we stayed with just the side windows being open.
I enjoyed it so much, I asked John Bush if the caboose was free later in the week. It was and I got to ride it a second time from Chama.
The next vacation out, I rode 05635 again and the operator was (rightfully so) worried about pulling 8-10 steel cars behind a wood framed caboose and so I was switched to the rear of the train.
I'll sort of miss seeing the framing on 05635, but I do believe it will look better with siding on it.
I somehow managed to get the 05635 one time the day after the Friends of the C&TS had painted it. It went rolling out with Mom and I and it lacked some of the detail painting if I recall correctly. It was that day I had people from Australia, England, Tiawan, and one other European country I do not recall in the caboose. Since my Dad was a naturalized citizen, I enjoy talking to foreigners. They all were very greatful for the opportunity to visit the caboose.
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C&TS caboose 05635

Doug vV June 08, 2000 11:11PM

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