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This week at Knotts.

March 20, 2012 12:13AM avatar
Ah I can finally break my silence.hot smiley
The biggest news as most of you know is Goose #3 is headed back to Colorado in June for goosefest at the CRRM. The museum has worked a deal to bring #3 out. As High commander posted, those wanting to help defray the cost of shipping can make donations to the museum. The donations need to be earmarked for goosefest 2012 and goose #3. See this post for high commanders post with donation instructions.

On our end #3 will be going in the shop this week (Steam is running for two weeks for spring break.) to start prepping her for paint and relettering. The shop will also be taking care of some mechanical issues.

This is the first time a piece of rolling stock (Aside from our hand car.) has left the farm property, or the state, or to make it back to Colorado. This may never happen again. Seeing the goose go "on vacation" to her state of origin may be the most historic event I'll ever witness at Knott's. Who would have thought it could happen.eye popping smiley
Thank you to the CRRM for making this happen.

In other news the Gondola has the final coat of boxcar red. The shop crew is nearly done with the new wood for the seats. It still has no lettering on it stay tuned more on that latter.
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