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Narrow Gauge Success: Guatemala

March 29, 2001 09:09AM
Per Recent Railway Age 3/2001:
In December 1999 the Railroad Development Corp. (RDC)of Pittsburgh, PA began operating 200 miles of the 400 miles of old government of Guatemala 3 foot gauge railroad. The line was opened from Puerto Barrios on the GofM to Guatemala City. They are using 1970-vintage GEU40s, 1981 ALCO MX-620s, flat cars, AND TWO BALDWIN STEAM LOCOMOTIVES with 95 employees from the old operation. They climb 5000 feet, with max 3.2% and over numerous trestles, one 260 feet high.
Traffic started with 1847 tons month of Jan, 2000, then grew to 17,040 tons in Dec. 2000, with year total of 72,754 at a profit with operating ratio in mid-90s. In Dec. 2000 tons hauled per employee was 179, compaired to 14.25 for prior operation in 1991. They plan to open the remaining 200 miles and also build to connect to Mexican railway, and reopen to San Salvado RR, then the success might mean standard gauging to connect to North American rail system. They run the steam engines on a tourist train to a popular Park and on charter for railfans. Go for it!
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Narrow Gauge Success: Guatemala

PRR March 29, 2001 09:09AM

Re: Narrow Gauge Success: Guatemala

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