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C&TS P-Box Coaches: Snack Cars and Potty Boxes.

October 12, 2020 11:50AM avatar
Hello all,

I realize this may be a long shot in the dark, but here it goes. I have acquired about a dozen unassembled RailLine 3000 series boxcar kits. With plenty of Blackstone boxcars in the fleet, a few of these kits will be converted to 4000-series work cars. The rest will be cut up for C&TS rider boxes.

The cars I am inquiring about are Snack Cars 450 and 451, and Potty Cars 248, 249, 250, and 251. Specifically, I am asking if anyone happens to have photos of these cars in service so as to get the window, door, and bracing arrangements accurate. The snack cars appear to have been set up differently even opposite of each other. With the potty cars, they varied in locations of their restrooms, either side-by-side or across from each other. If I have discovered anything in researching the P-Boxes, nothing was one and the same on any of them.

I have gone through the usual research places; The search bar up top, the Friends archive and roster; and Dave Dye's site. Unfortunately, what I found shows most of the cars in storage boarded up. In addition, hours of video, ranging from tapes to YouTube videos from the 1990s have been research points as well.

As a model railroader, I have a saying "When in doubt, get the tape measure out." With that in mind, I was able to get what I needed off the remaining batch of P-Boxes before they were sent off to Durango. Unfortunately, the cars I am looking into are either converted back to boxcars or are no longer on the property, thus making such an effort futile.

If anyone has anything that might help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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C&TS P-Box Coaches: Snack Cars and Potty Boxes.

DRGW489 October 12, 2020 11:50AM

Re: C&TS P-Box Coaches: Snack Cars and Potty Boxes.

Tom Smith October 12, 2020 04:42PM

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