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Re: NG Abandoned Line Exploring In Ontario - One Day's Finds

October 15, 2020 07:10PM avatar
James Wrote:
> You must have a pretty good metal detector to find
> anything in that area. Not much left there--at a
> glance--to suggest there was once a railroad.

Yes, have a good detector that gives depth and differentiates type of metal. I ignore any hits deeper than 5”, and there’s a lot of them, but hope those materials will migrate up with future plowing. The plowing also moves many items quite a ways from the actual ROW, so it takes 10 or 12 passes to do a stretch of line. The journal lid was found about 20’ off the former grade.

> many 1870's-era photographers seem to have made it
> up that way while the "Bruce" was narrow gauge. A
> lot of midwestern narrow gauge railroads in the
> U.S. have similarly poor photographic
> documentation because they didn't have the
> population density of the east nor the grand
> mountain scenery of the west.

Correct, only about a dozen known photos. Posted some here earlier and would love to find more. [ngdiscussion.net]

> Odd place to find a journal cover. Those things
> don't normally just fall off. Wonder if there was
> a derailment or other similar mishap nearby.

I have access to early newspapers and could find no incidents at that location in the narrow gauge era. Perhaps jarred off in a minor derailment that wasn’t particularly newsworthy. Back in 1911 there was a major passenger train derailment on the embankment that used to be there. The farmer’s family has “only” owned the land since 1940, and they hadn’t heard about the accident so they were quite interested to read the accounts of it. Happened almost right outside their back door.

> I can't imagine too many farmers mind you pulling
> large hunks of thick metal out of their fields,
> for free. Sounds like a mutually beneficial
> service.

There was probably a 50/50 split between railway and broken farm machinery stuff. I’ve joked that his field has become iron-deficient and he’ll now have to amend the soil. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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NG Abandoned Line Exploring In Ontario Attachments

tgbcvr October 15, 2020 03:45PM

Re: NG Abandoned Line Exploring In Ontario - One Day's Finds Attachments

tgbcvr October 15, 2020 03:57PM

Re: NG Abandoned Line Exploring In Ontario - One Day's Finds

James October 15, 2020 04:41PM

Re: NG Abandoned Line Exploring In Ontario - One Day's Finds

tgbcvr October 15, 2020 07:10PM

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