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Re: C&TSRR = Dalton.

July 29, 2020 01:19PM avatar
Earl Wrote:
> I glad the '"DALTON" sign I created back in 1983
> is still holding up.
> Back in the 1980's-90's we used to stop at the
> Forest Service road crossing to pick up late
> passengers. There always seemed to be road
> construction between Chama and Espanola, and
> despite best efforts, some folks would show up
> late. The depot would call the train and tell the
> conductor they had passengers to pick up and there
> was always a debate where to stop - either the
> "Lobo Lodge Crossing", the "Second Lobo Lodge
> Crossing" (which in reality were the same place)
> or the "Second Highway Crossing".
> I looked around at some old maps and found there
> was a station and a short spur track at MP 339 -
> right opposite Lobo Lodge - named "Dalton". It
> seemed that at one time logs were cut up the Chama
> River and loaded on flat cars here. I proposed
> that we move "Dalton" a 1/4 mile east to the
> Forest Service road crossing, call it "Dalton" and
> make it the official flag stop. And so it was.
> Next we needed a station sign. "It was your idea,
> so make a station sign..... an indestructible
> one.... and WHILE your at it, let's make one for
> Sublette too..." So, I found some steel plate, a
> couple of lengths of 40lb rail, drew up the
> artwork for the sign and painted them in my back
> yard.
> Then one day, Gary Getman decided to have a sign
> planting day. We set the one at Dalton, then
> drove to Sublette to plant the other one...
> It was the high point of my morning if we got to
> make a stop at Dalton. Making wide open throttle
> starts on the hill was always a kick.
> Now you know...
> This pic at Dalton was made the next day as we
> didn't wait around to for the train..... It seems
> that overnight, some cow used it as a scratching
> post and knocked it crooked. I got there too late
> to straighten the sign before the train got there
We pulled out the original sign post. You can see
> it laying on the ground.

What a great story. Thanks Earl for letting us all know.
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C&TSRR = Dalton. Attachments

Roger Hogan July 29, 2020 04:35AM

Re: C&TSRR = Dalton. Attachments

Earl July 29, 2020 01:14PM

Re: C&TSRR = Dalton.

Roger Hogan July 29, 2020 01:19PM

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