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Re: Keeping busy at home

March 23, 2020 01:50PM avatar
nedsn3 Wrote:
> ? Are you trying to be funny?

I didn't see George's comment as being "funny" or even trying to. No reason not to ask, since that could have been done with a little forward planning to achieve the result.

However since Dave pointed it out in his caption, I think he had already agonised over whether he actually wanted to take that route(or not) given the amount of extra material and extra work to achieve a result, that 99% of viewers wouldn't notice. Only rabid Contest modellers(like myself and probably Casy Akin on here), really push the "detail" and part replication level attained, and in that, know just why Dave did what he did.

Sometimes you just got to make it work for you, and to do otherwise, may be the death of a project. I've done this in brass models and my full size Mine Motor.

Gorgeous Work, Dave. thumbs upthumbs up

Cheers from Under

in New Zealand
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