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Re: 459 cab side panels

November 27, 2019 11:01PM avatar
Herb Kelsey Wrote:
> The photos in the The Mudhens from the
> Summer of 1941 of 459 in Flying Rio Grande livery
> would seem to show the right side panel as a steel
> sheet and the left a recessed panel in wood.
> Further evidence of this would be the smaller
> "459" on the steel side, matching the numbers on
> the paneled side. The other steel paneled K-27,
> 461, got the big numbers when the new scheme was
> applied.
> An assumption but it would seem to be a logical
> answer.

Dates in The Mudhens can be a tricky subject... that’s why I went to other sources, and was lucky to find those Otto Perry shots as proof smiling smiley

So Herb, what you mean is the right side steel panel was done after the shopping where she received flying grande ? Or during ?

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Re: 459 cab side panels

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Re: 459 cab side panels

SebJ November 27, 2019 11:01PM

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