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Old RMRRC Newsletter Archive

August 10, 2019 07:08PM
About five years ago, the board thought that it would be a good idea to make sure we preserve as many of the old documents as possible and make them accessible, as many of them contain not only history about the club, but also about railroading news of the time. I volunteered for the job, not quite grasping in my pea brain that it would literally take me years to complete it, but I finished up the initial round of archiving 1938-2018 a few months back.

I had a bunch of new items I needed to add today that came out of Ron Peck's meticulous archive of old RMRRC paper (thanks to Stephen for giving them to Dave S. who transferred them to me a few weeks back - it filled in a number of gaps, but unfortunately now I have more stacks of boxes in my living room...), and I realized I never mentioned it on here. Since the Club and the D&RGW/RGS narrow gauge have a long history and there are a lot of notes in there about the narrow gauge, I figure it might be of interest.

If you're looking for a way to kill time and read your way through the Club's history, here's the archive.

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Old RMRRC Newsletter Archive

ND Holmes August 10, 2019 07:08PM

Re: Old RMRRC Newsletter Archive

Jimmy Blouch August 10, 2019 09:09PM

Re: Old RMRRC Newsletter Archive

RDannemann August 11, 2019 11:15AM

Re: Old RMRRC Newsletter Archive

Ted miles August 12, 2019 09:40AM

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