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C&S 8027 update

January 07, 2019 08:02AM
Thanks to a positive response so far to our fundraising efforts, work on C&S 8027 has started....

010 (800x600).jpg
On Saturday, 8027 was moved over to the "RIP" track, where it will no doubt spend the next few months. Good thing that the Plymouth locomotive behind 8027 is inoperable!

007 (800x600).jpg
As former D&RGW high side/pipe gondola 1826 was in front of 8027 on the storage track, it got to go for a joyride as well. Motive power on the Doniphan County Narrow Gauge is a 1999 Suburban with a 454 and an automatic transmission. In 4 low, it will move the cars at idle.

005 (800x600).jpg
Body bolster parts await modification and installation. (these came from a D&RGW 3000 series boxcar/idler flat)

002 (800x600).jpg
A replacement for the missing needle beam has been cut to size. If you look closely, you will notice the ghost of an "8" on the beam along with the holes for mounting stake pockets. This chunk of wood started out as a side sill for a D&RGW high side gondola and was recycled into a boxcar needle beam during the 1920's rebuild program in Alamosa. It will now be recycled again into a needle beam for C&S 8027.

Thanks to all who have donated so far!

Jason Midyette

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