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D&S Trip Report Sunday 8/5/18

August 07, 2018 08:46AM
Ten of our family members rode the 8 a.m. train while our dog and I "chased". I've been able to photograph the D&S four of the last five years and the most striking difference is how absolutely dead quiet the Durango station and yard is all day long. Nothings moving. Visitors who would typically see locomotives turned on the turntable and backed into the roundhouse from the museum never even go down there because they're unaware that its there.

In contrast, getting to Rockwood its amazing the amount of activity going on. First out was the two car Tall Timbers train pulled by diesel 7. As Jerry's reported 480 and 481 are currently being used on the two trains with 473 sitting cold in a string of passenger cars. The two trains had good passenger numbers and the railroad is limited by the number of buses that can bring people in. The D&S helicopter was overhead and followed the trains.

The family had a great ride up, even though they had reserved seats on the right side, but were on the left. They enjoyed their time in Silverton where the 476 is sitting cold. All these years I never knew they're three standard gauge cabeese in town. I knew of the RG and SF that are connected, but not the SP set just back off of main street. The D&S helicopter landed right next to the Silverton station and I have nice photos of the first train departing with the helicopter in the foreground and 481 and the station behind it. While the second train was being serviced next to it the helicopter took off providing an unusual series of photos at least for me.

Back to Rockwood. The amount of choreography involved to turn the train is amazing and they have it down to a science using both diesel and steam. It was nice visiting with Jerry and I cannot say enough great things about the D&S crews. They are INCREDIBLE and I wish them well. Thanks for providing our family with such a wonderful trip!

Two sidenotes. 1203 sits with two gons at Hermosa. Our family was concerned as a lightening caused forest fire started on Saturday while we were at Mesa Verde. (An hour outside of Durango.) We had a great view from the Balcony House ruins as a helicopter with bucket, single engine plane and a four engine small jet dropped water/retardant on the growing fire. We met a great forest service crew the next day from AZ that had been called in to help fight it. Fire season is not over yet.

Photos eventually.

Jim Barton
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D&S Trip Report Sunday 8/5/18

Jim August 07, 2018 08:46AM

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