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NNG - RR&G 106 Update

August 07, 2018 08:41AM avatar
This isn't narrow gauge, but only because the rails are too far apart. All of the low-budget, backwoods flavor of the NG exists in Long Leaf, LA.

Very little attention would be paid to the guys that undertook this project if I didn't sing their praises. So... here comes the singing.

Back Story:
Red River & Gulf 106 (Baldwin Class 10-32-D #1303, 4-6-0) was parked in the Car Knockers Shed in Long Leaf after the final run of the railroad on April 1, 1953. The shed sits on a fill about 8 feet above the surrounding area. A few months ago it was noticed that cracks were developing in the fill and 106 was beginning to sink. She was in very real danger of rolling over when the fill eventually gave way. Then, of course, we got a several days of torrential rain which aggravated the hell out of an already bad situation.

What Happened:
Several volunteers got busy under the leadership of Mike Miller. The report (with photos) is here: [redriverandgulf.net]

What Happens Next:
Now that 106 is out of imminent danger, efforts will be directed towards rebuilding the lead track, winching 106 out of the shed, completing repairs of the fill and rebuilding the track, then shoving 106 back in.

In the long term, we'd like to restore 106 to service. If you've got a gondola full of cash and need to spend it, let me know.

Jason Rose
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NNG - RR&G 106 Update

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