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Re: NG Trucks

July 03, 2018 04:13PM avatar
I wish you would have asked about 2 weeks ago, I could have photographed the 053 Cook Car trucks as we built them. Would be easier to show pictures than words.

Some additional information: DRGW "Caboose Trucks" also have a spring plank, but they typically don't swing. While they also have two leaf springs that support the bolster, those are firmly mounted to the arch bars (side frames).


They Spring plank on the 053 Cook car trucks do swing, the links are connected to the truck frames (you can see part of those mounting points in the center of the truck). A leaf spring sits on the spring plank on each side is compressed by the truck side frame. . I believe the leaf springs mainly handle the lateral motion,


An important addition to the passenger truck is the equalizer bar. That's the bar (and it's heavy!) that each end sits on the journal box and drops down between the wheels, The coil springs mount on that and I believe they support most of the dead weight of the car. You'll notice on this photo, the force of the springs has pushed the journal boxes down to the bottom of travel with no weight on the truck.

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