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Re: Coal passer - ONCE upon a time . . .

December 01, 2017 05:29PM avatar
Been there, done that -

Very briefly, while running downgrade, so it wasn't much of an ordeal.  The one and only time I actually worked (a little) on the C&TS, and even then only as a volunteer.  See [ngdiscussion.net] for the rest of the story.

Kicking coal down to the apron from the rear of a nearly empty bunker is a dirty job and not very glamorous – but at least it helps the fireman a little, and gives a wild-eyed foamer an excuse to ride on the engine (or at least on the front half of the tender) for an hour or two.

- El Abuelo Histœrico, Greengo y Curmudgeoño de los Locomoturas Viejos y Verdes,
aka Der Grossväterlich DünkelOlivGrünDampfKesselMantelLiebHabender

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