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RGS bridge 162-B

October 10, 2017 06:53PM
On the way back home from CO this week we lodged along US 160 just west of Durango. I spent a little bit of time wandering around Lightner Creek looking for signs of the two small bridges that were once in the area. I didn't have much luck finding any remains from 162-A but did find a couple of the footings from 162-B.

On a somber note, 162-B was the site of a fatal accident that involved leased engine 217. The creek was running high on September 8, 1919 and engineer Ralph Peake was killed when the bridge sagged and the engine leaned over into the creek. The full account is covered in RGS Vol IX on page 366.

One of the concrete footers and partial timber seen on the far side of the creek. A second pier is visible in the grass at mid right of the shot.


Bridge 162-B is near the yellow line on this map section.



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