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re: NNG - D&RGW standard gauge green boiler ...

January 26, 2012 06:44PM avatar
Tomstp Wrote:
> Trains magazine put out a special issue on 4-8-4
> steam engines. On page 38 there is a color shot
> of M-64 #1707 leaving Salida in 1941 with a green
> boiler and you can also tell the lettering on the cab
> and tender are silver.  But the engines does not
> have aluminium cylinder heads!
> Let the flames begin all over [again]!

As you wish, Tom ...       hot smiley

I was hoping someone else would mention that photo so that I wouldn't be the one accused of starting another flame war. The boiler jacket in the photo appears less green than it probably really was - and much less green than the reproduction paint in use on the D&SNG in recent years - since the color films in use back then were not as sensitive to green as they were to red tones.  Notice that the (presumably) Pullman Green passenger cars look almost brown.

- Russeau du Flambeau

p.s. Notice that the quoted message does not cause the NGDF preview and post functions to produce a 406 error message - which has been happening lately - if the long string of dashes is deleted (or replaced by a long string of equal signs, as above).
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re: NNG - D&RGW standard gauge green boiler ...

Russo Loco January 26, 2012 06:44PM

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