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A Colorado Beauty

April 23, 2000 07:35PM
RGS 20 has always been a favorite of mine, even as "Portland" on the Florence and Cripple Creek. In fact, in 1981 I had Art Olds paint her with a coach and combine on the trestles at Ophir. I have also admired the K-27s for a long time - in fact, in 1982, I commissioned Art to paint 452 with a stock train along the Dolores River. In 1970 I saw 464 sitting derelict in Durango, never dreaming she would ever run again, let alone I would get to run her, and have to fix her! As Yogi Berra said, "it's that old Deja Vu all over again!" : here I am in Michigan, rebuilding 464 and running a Baldwin version of No. 20 Just as ans aside, the second live steam locomotive I built was a 4-6-0 "styled after RGS 20 - what she would have looked like if she was a standard gauge locomotive" Maybe I'll post some pictures.
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A Colorado Beauty

Marty Knox April 23, 2000 07:35PM

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