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Anwer to Don Richter

April 08, 2000 01:11PM
Hi Don:
For whatever reason, my answer to your question about valve gear operation came back. So I thought I'd try to get you this way. My answer is:
I probably need to pull in my horns a bit on this one as I made it sound super common which it was not. All the examples I know of were by design: The Great Northern had some 1893 Brooks 2-8-0s where the Stevenson valve gear was operated from the second axle, albeit facing rearward, and the main driver was the third axle. Buffalo Furnace had an 0-4-0T with the Stevenson gear driven by the first axle and the second being the main driver. Same thing on some 0-4-4 Forneys used by the Brooklyn Elevated. Cincinnati Lebanon & Northern had some Brooks 2-6-2s with gear, again Stevenson, driven from no. 2 and no. 3 as the main. The Burlington had some Atlantics with the Stevenson gear driven from the first axle, the second being the main.
Also, I suppose one could include the three cylinder models of SP, UP and Rio Grande where the middle cylinder drove the second axle but the valve motion for that cylinder was derived from the third axle either directly through a double Walschearts motion or indirectly from the side cylinder valve stems through the use of the Grestley linkage.
Kind of reminds you of the guy who says all cows are green but can't produce many that are. Les
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Anwer to Don Richter

Les Clark April 08, 2000 01:11PM

Re: Anwer to Don Richter

Owen Chapman April 09, 2000 03:34AM

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