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Contact information coming.

October 24, 2010 01:31PM
For all of you who are willing to write in support of the NSRM and the others, as you know we are having elections in a little over a week. Here in Nevada there will be many changes in the legislature and the Governors office. Until we know who is going to be in place it is probably best to wait a few days before writing. Right after the election I will let everyone know who they can contact and express their feelings on the matter.

Some have asked if other possibilities for operation of the NSRM are being explored. The answer is yes, but any such ideas are in the embryonic stages. The NSRM does have a small railroad surrounding the property. It is also in the process of being dual gauged. On special events and specified days there are steam ups and passengers can purchase tickets. The Friends of the NSRM have offered terrific support in the train operations and all around assistance. However, any other plans aside from State operation are far into the future. We have an immediate problem, and we have to deal with that soon.

My concern for the NSRM goes beyond Nevada. There are many other museums around the country that are State owned and supported. The California State Railroad Museum comes to mind as does the Cumbres & Toltec. The C&TS is run by a private corporation, but the railroad is most definitely ownded by Colorado and New Mexico.

The problems is, that the States are financially hurting. As a result, any of them can shut down whatever operations they have at any time. That it has been proposed in Nevada first to the NSRM does not mean it cannot happen to the C&TS or the CSRM.

So, the moral of the story is: If you think it cannot happen in your area, you are wrong. It can. The various states have squandered enormouus resources on worthless projects. Museums, as educational and as worthwhile as they are to the general public are easy targets.

So, I appreciate any help that can be offered in the near future. Be assured, that if your museum gets put on the chopping block, We will be there to help prevent that also.

Dan Markoff
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Contact information coming.

Dan Markoff October 24, 2010 01:31PM

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