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Nevada State Railroad Museum crisis

October 22, 2010 08:31AM
This is a call to arms...so to speak.

The new state budget for Nevada has been proposed. It is devastating to the Nevada State Museum system. Of the 7 Nevada State Museums, it has now been proposed that 4 of these museums be closed. Among those slated to be shut down is the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.

As all of you know, the NSRM has been one of the great leaders in historic railroad preservation. It has put back into operation the V&T locomotives #22 the INYO, #25, as well as others, and is currently working on restoring the GLENBROOK to operation. The restoration shop has also restored many cars to their original glory, including most recently the only operational McKeen motor car. Their work has been second to none.

There is no question that Nevada has faced a budget crisis, as have many other states. However, the entire budget for the division of museums and history is only 3/10s of 1% of the entire budget. In the last fiscal go round the museums were cut more than 40%. That was far more than most other state agencies here. That it is now proposed to cut them back to the point of closure is unforgivable.

Many citizens have donated generously to the NSM system with artifacts, donations,foundational support, work and the expectation that our history would be preserved in a safe enviroment and made accessable to the public. After all it is not just Nevada's history, but also that of the far West and the United States. To now close these museums which are such a small part of the overall budget picture would be a betrayal of the public trust that our history would be preserved and available for research, education, display, and posterity.

Our legislature will go into session this January. We will also have a new governor. However, that is only two months away. If the museum system is to continue, it will need a groundswell of public support not just from Nevadans but from people all over the country. While no one of the museums is more important than another, the NSRM in Carson City has a particularly special place in our hearts. If you are interested in helping in our effort to keep the NSRM and other museums open, our legislature will have to know that you care.

When I think of all the useless things governments throw money away on, I find it hard to fathom that something so visible as the NSRM and the others will be taking such a hit.

If any are willing to support our efforts to prevent this catastrophy from happening we will need your support. The administration needs to know that it is not just Nevadans that use our museums system, but that people from elsewhere use it, enjoy it and learn from the historical treasures collected, and that it contributes to the overall education and economy.

I will post later where you can send letters of support. Also, many of you post on other boards and know many people who can help. If we can get the word out, maybe this can be prevented.

Dan Markoff
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Nevada State Railroad Museum crisis

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Contact information coming.

Dan Markoff October 24, 2010 01:31PM

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