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Re: D&RGW smaller engines

March 30, 2000 06:12AM
I suppose we are getting into semantics defining 'scheduled runs,' but the last regular use of the smaller power would be in the early 1950's for 2-8-0's. The last regular use of the T-12 class 4-6-0's would have been the 1930's, since the last of them were retired for display by 1940.
The light rail and bridges of the Montrose - Ouray branch, and the former C&S Baldwin / Castleton branches out of Gunnison were the reasons for keeping the various 2-8-0's.
Several C-16's were retained for use out of Gunnison, Nos. 268 and 278 being the last two in service. No. 278 was retired in March, 1953, just before the end of service on the lines out of Gunnison, No. 268 remained to be used in the scrapping two years later.
The C-17's were retied early - most were scrapped in the 1930's, except RGS No. 42.
The last regular use of the C-18 class on the D&RGW was for the Ouray line (D&RGW 318) in 1953. C-19 class No. 340 was sold to Knotts Berry Farm in March of 1952, but has been used on the Ouray line previous to its sale.
Both of the C-21 class made it into the 1950's. No. 360 was cut up in August of 1950, and No. 361 in November of 1951. Both were normally assigned to service out of Gunnison.
C-25 No. 375 was retired off the Silverton branch in 1949 and scrapped at Alamosa in June of that year.
The T-12 class 4-6-0's were retired and scrapped in three batches - 1926 (Nos. 170, 171, 172, 173, 176, 177), 1934 (Nos. 166, 167), and 1937 (174, 175). Nos. 168 and 169 were retired for display - No. 168 in 1938, and No. 169 in 1941. No. 169 was exhibited at the 1939 / 40 Worlds Fair in New York before going to the park in Alamosa.
Mikes handled most of the fraffic after the mid-1920's.
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D&RGW smaller engines

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