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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Why signs at the State Line? Attachments

by drgw0579
27 06/25/2018 03:24PM
Last Post by Rich Muth

Postcard From Maine 13, Rural Meet Attachments

by Stewart Rhine
29 06/25/2018 02:02PM
Last Post by Stewart Rhine

C&TSRR =Double Header Departing Chama = Twin Camera

by Roger Hogan
3 06/25/2018 12:41PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Silverton This Morning Attachments

by Jerry474
17 06/25/2018 02:21AM
Last Post by Dirk Ramsey

Telluride sidings - FD Work/Paint/Carpentry

by NickSheridan
3 06/24/2018 07:18PM
Last Post by NickSheridan

Deleted Thread, and NGDF Policy

by Mike Trent
8 06/24/2018 06:10PM
Last Post by Jim Callaway

C&TSRR = Lobato Trestle = No Train

by Roger Hogan
5 06/24/2018 04:09PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

OT: Narrow gauge fan passes away

by EBTfan15
12 06/24/2018 09:35AM
Last Post by mark e czerwinski

Western Railway Preservation Society

by Ted miles
16 06/24/2018 07:34AM
Last Post by Flying A

C&TSRR = Watch The Drone At Work

by Roger Hogan
7 06/24/2018 07:04AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Broad Gauge Stalk Talk

by Hoss
6 06/23/2018 08:49PM
Last Post by Ed Horan

Friends in Colorado Springs update.

by Michael Moore
10 06/23/2018 06:50PM
Last Post by Earl

Trucks for 053 Cook Car Attachments

by drgw0579
14 06/23/2018 06:46PM
Last Post by drgw0579

And Now For Something Completely Different....

by Chris Walker
3 06/23/2018 05:04PM
Last Post by Brian Norden

Running Again Attachments

by Jerry474
10 06/23/2018 07:57AM
Last Post by hank

C&TSRR = Chama Departure = Long Train

by Roger Hogan
8 06/23/2018 07:03AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

NNG- D&RGW Mechanical Dept. Building @ Burnham Shops

by Brett Wiebold
6 06/22/2018 08:51PM
Last Post by Brett Wiebold

Rock Creek Trestle on the NML Co ROW above McPhee Attachments

by Rich Muth
1 06/22/2018 04:55PM
Last Post by Rich Muth

How the media (and other groups) see narrow gauge railway preservation. Attachments

by Stewart Rhine
52 06/22/2018 02:06PM
Last Post by Chris Walker

Here Not There: 14 Attachments

by Chris Walker
9 06/22/2018 04:05AM
Last Post by Stewart Rhine

Steam's Last Stand on the Main Trunk 1966.

by Chris Walker
2 06/21/2018 10:39PM
Last Post by Chris Walker

D&RGW Outside hung brake plans

by Casey Akin
3 06/21/2018 10:05PM
Last Post by Casey Akin

C&TSRR = Eastbound Lobato Lake Air & Ground

by Roger Hogan
3 06/21/2018 06:06PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

30' Reefer Question Attachments

by dave2-8-0
19 06/21/2018 05:49PM
Last Post by dave2-8-0

San Juan NF Reopening

by Rich Muth
9 06/21/2018 12:14PM
Last Post by Clyde Putman

C&TSRR = Lake Lobato = Air

by Roger Hogan
1 06/21/2018 06:33AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

C&TSRR = Long Train + Hwy Fire Patrols

by Roger Hogan
5 06/21/2018 04:41AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Postcard From Maine 12, Switching the Tie Yard. Attachments

by Stewart Rhine
8 06/21/2018 04:12AM
Last Post by narrowgaugejoe10

Fueling up with oil burners

by kcsivils
6 06/20/2018 09:16PM
Last Post by Dirk Ramsey

White Pass & Yukon is sold Attachments

by denverrails
5 06/20/2018 07:43PM
Last Post by Brian Norden