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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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The past is coming to life on the C&TS

by John Bush
14 09/14/2018 09:29PM
Last Post by Mr. Erin Swain

Stupid question: is this vintage comedy? Attachments

by DakotaRed
5 09/14/2018 06:12PM
Last Post by Wayne Hoskin

483 Getting Ready=Chama Yard =Photos

by Roger Hogan
22 09/14/2018 03:21PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Where will the Eureka be running next?

by Cougar
46 09/14/2018 09:32AM
Last Post by pd3463

LF D&RGW Santa Fe Depot Drawings

by NGJon
2 09/14/2018 07:39AM
Last Post by DakotaRed

C&TSRR=Drone Baseball Attachments

by Roger Hogan
5 09/14/2018 06:25AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Random Fuzzy Photos #14 Attachments

by jim pallow
1 09/13/2018 04:28PM
Last Post by jim pallow

Some larger scale Colorado Narrow Gauge for sale...

by Dave Peterson
5 09/13/2018 11:16AM
Last Post by Tomstp

The Last REAL Freights over Cumbres - Fifty Years Ago Today (08/28/68) Attachments

by Russo Loco
58 09/13/2018 10:33AM
Last Post by Russo Loco

NNNG: railroads and bar-b-ques, how are they different?

by craig
4 09/13/2018 05:17AM
Last Post by RDannemann

My New FB Cover Photo. Attachments

by Roger Hogan
9 09/13/2018 05:10AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

C&TSRR=Student Engine=Daily Train Attachments

by Roger Hogan
7 09/12/2018 07:31PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

ISO erection drawings for SD Warren loco Attachments

by theoriginaltwofoot
8 09/12/2018 06:25PM
Last Post by Ted miles

Article on Diesel locomotives

by bcp
5 09/12/2018 04:36PM
Last Post by bcp

Two engines and 70 cars west from Toltec Tunnel

by John West
32 09/12/2018 11:25AM
Last Post by Russo Loco

ISO Baldwin erection drawings Attachments

by theoriginaltwofoot
12 09/12/2018 07:29AM
Last Post by theoriginaltwofoot

D&S Out of Durango on the 21st

by Jerry474
5 09/12/2018 06:57AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Cumbres Depot 3D Model Attachments

by Peyton Smith
8 09/11/2018 08:46AM
Last Post by Peyton Smith

SP #18 upcoming steam up Attachments

by Randy
10 09/10/2018 11:54PM
Last Post by Mark Huber

The Shorpy Files: Sunnyside Mill, 1940 Attachments

by 74ford
4 09/10/2018 06:20PM
Last Post by wishiwasincolorado

Georgetown Loop Photo Charter Attachments

by round_house
17 09/10/2018 04:23PM
Last Post by Samart

NNGC 2018?

by Samart
8 09/10/2018 04:18PM
Last Post by Samart

RGS 20 update, and Strasburg visit

by sjh7
4 09/10/2018 10:42AM
Last Post by sjh7

Colorado Sanborn maps online

by nickgully
5 09/10/2018 07:37AM
Last Post by DakotaRed

Skagway of the South.

by Chris Walker
8 09/10/2018 07:08AM
Last Post by Charlie Mutschler

Other Things Happening at the Loop Attachments

by Dick Bell
2 09/10/2018 05:57AM
Last Post by round_house

C&TSRR=Twin Cameras=Lobato Lake Attachments

by Roger Hogan
1 09/10/2018 05:28AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

D&S=K36 & Harley Davidson Group Attachments

by Roger Hogan
5 09/10/2018 05:08AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

Furka Pass Cog Steam Railway

by snoe019
4 09/09/2018 09:27PM
Last Post by Urias von Meyenburg

OurayCounty (Ridgway) RR Days late Sept schedule

by jgp1843
1 09/09/2018 08:34PM
Last Post by jgp1843