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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Canadian Narrow Gauge Attachments

by Charlie Mutschler
33 07/18/2017 02:49PM
Last Post by m.j.peltier

D&RG NG 2-6-0? Attachments

by bcp
23 07/18/2017 12:50PM
Last Post by Mallory Hope Ferrell

And now how about the 476?

by CharlieMcCandless
6 07/18/2017 12:31PM
Last Post by gregcoit

Any of you Old Guys have a Video Cassette Player? Attachments

by jalbers
2 07/18/2017 10:54AM
Last Post by DWB

Jackson and Sharp narrow gauge coach questions

by shakeyjake
13 07/18/2017 06:23AM
Last Post by RonRudnick

Combres Section House - scratch-built O-scale model Attachments

by Brent
12 07/18/2017 04:53AM
Last Post by 2footer

NNG: Western Maryland Scenic to "Repaint The Trains to Circus Colors"?

by Chris Webster
9 07/17/2017 08:48PM
Last Post by John West

Double header Tuesday?

by Tomstp
5 07/17/2017 08:48PM
Last Post by Tomstp

Model content - nickle silver plating of brass

by dougvv
11 07/17/2017 06:01PM
Last Post by dougvv

NNG- Tool purchasing

by Popeye8762
9 07/16/2017 10:25PM
Last Post by John Cole

CRRM update. 307 and 168. flying varnish. Attachments

by Jeff Taylor
7 07/16/2017 09:33PM
Last Post by Ted miles

Lost treasure found Attachments

by Tomstp
11 07/16/2017 05:51PM
Last Post by Dave_A

Do Not Cleat Door Attachments

by rdamurphy
2 07/16/2017 12:49PM
Last Post by bcp

Piha Tramway Redux. (for Jack and Charlie) Attachments

by Chris Walker
7 07/16/2017 10:18AM
Last Post by Jack Neville

National Narrow Gauge Convention (NNGC)

by Jim McKee
3 07/15/2017 11:22AM
Last Post by pingjockey

NNG: 'Railfan' cited after he hit another truck head-on while chasing UP #844

by Chris Webster
40 07/15/2017 08:50AM
Last Post by jim pallow

Has 488 emerged?

by C&TS488fan
85 07/14/2017 10:21AM
Last Post by John Bush

Class 25 and Class 35 locomotives

by dougvv
17 07/13/2017 06:12PM
Last Post by Chris Walker

SG - the 1930 american dust bowl

by dougvv
7 07/13/2017 03:21PM
Last Post by jim pallow

Track diagrams of Durango in the 1950's

by ozinoz
10 07/13/2017 08:46AM
Last Post by hank

Best RR tools found along RoW

by terry fosback
18 07/13/2017 07:31AM
Last Post by Bill Pratt

The ingenious Corkscrew Gulch turntable?

by vince heying
15 07/13/2017 01:12AM
Last Post by wishiwasincolorado

Chama web cams "M3U8,etc." error message.

by Tad
14 07/12/2017 12:32PM
Last Post by CharlieMcCandless

D&RG ng loco plans index and possible photo index Attachments

by dougvv
28 07/12/2017 10:42AM
Last Post by hank

West-side Alpine Tunnel Access

by Mr. Ed
9 07/12/2017 06:39AM
Last Post by RichB

Things to do around the Cumbres & Toltec

by jfeldman75
7 07/12/2017 03:56AM
Last Post by John K

1275 After Dark

by Chris Walker
14 07/11/2017 05:34PM
Last Post by GeorgeGaskill

0577 Restoration Attachments

by drgw0579
8 07/11/2017 03:04PM
Last Post by Chris Walker

rancho del oso pardo chama

by Greg Scholl
5 07/11/2017 02:00PM
Last Post by RDannemann

A few more still images Attachments

by Greg Scholl
7 07/10/2017 12:09PM
Last Post by Russo Loco