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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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NNG- But kinda cool builders plate

by davidtltc
3 04/19/2018 07:32PM
Last Post by Earl

497 at Poncha Jct Attachments

by drgwk37
1 04/19/2018 05:21PM
Last Post by drgwk37

497 at Maysville Attachments

by drgwk37
1 04/19/2018 05:19PM
Last Post by drgwk37

Doe River Gorge Threatened?

by CVR220
5 04/19/2018 08:10AM
Last Post by et&wnc

RMRRC 2018 Preservation Grants Available (FREE MONEY!)

by ND Holmes
3 04/18/2018 08:27PM
Last Post by ND Holmes

Fuzzy early G-Looper 1981 through 1983 #2 Attachments

by jim pallow
10 04/18/2018 06:43PM
Last Post by pd3463

A Deal

by Rich Muth
1 04/18/2018 02:13PM
Last Post by Rich Muth

Model content Attachments

by jim pallow
27 04/18/2018 12:22PM
Last Post by Dave Peterson

Building telephone lines along Newfoundland RR in WWII

by bcp
9 04/17/2018 10:38PM
Last Post by Popeye8762

C&S #1006 Attachments

by jim pallow
4 04/17/2018 04:57PM
Last Post by Will Gant

NNG: Memories of the N&W... Attachments

by Mike
37 04/16/2018 08:08PM
Last Post by John West

Cyberthieves steal $80k from Strasburg RR in 'sophisticated' attack angry smiley

by Chris Webster
10 04/16/2018 11:13AM
Last Post by Stewart Rhine

Bridge Help Attachments

by drgwk37
5 04/16/2018 10:30AM
Last Post by drgwk37

Cascade Trestle sign photo Attachments

by Paul Davenport
7 04/16/2018 07:59AM
Last Post by Volvoguy87

D^RGW 315 Question

by CVR220
5 04/16/2018 07:40AM
Last Post by Marowicz

#278 on Cimarron Trestle

by Wayne Hoskin
7 04/16/2018 12:38AM
Last Post by Popeye8762

C&TSRR = Cumbres Pass

by Roger Hogan
11 04/15/2018 09:12PM
Last Post by Etrump

C&TSRR = To Do Folder is now empty.

by Roger Hogan
7 04/15/2018 07:00PM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

#463 and 462 3/4 Attachments

by jim pallow
1 04/15/2018 05:08PM
Last Post by jim pallow

confused smiley What’s the rectangular box...

by DakotaRed
13 04/14/2018 06:35PM
Last Post by Johnson Barr

NNG: Boulder City NV new rail bridge re-connects Southern NV RR Museum to network

by Rader Sidetrack
1 04/14/2018 03:40PM
Last Post by Rader Sidetrack

No 13

by Jim McKee
13 04/14/2018 12:48PM
Last Post by Mallory Hope Ferrell

Not 493 Attachments

by Jerry474
16 04/14/2018 12:31PM
Last Post by Marowicz

Monarch Photos Attachments

by drgwk37
20 04/14/2018 12:10PM
Last Post by DakotaRed

"Old Town Chama" From the C&TSRR yard.

by Roger Hogan
1 04/14/2018 07:04AM
Last Post by Roger Hogan

493 Movement Attachments

by hamman523
21 04/13/2018 05:53AM
Last Post by drgwk37

D&RG 168 Fundraising

by Scott Gibbs
5 04/13/2018 05:26AM
Last Post by Greg Scholl

NNG, giving Thomas a pull start Attachments

by John Cole
17 04/12/2018 01:53PM
Last Post by John Cole

Colorado steam killers

by Dan Robirds
4 04/12/2018 07:23AM
Last Post by Ken Martin

D&RGW water tank spout Attachments

by stanames
4 04/11/2018 12:11PM
Last Post by stanames