John West
April 04, 2001 09:07PM
With regard to snow clearing, never say never.....BUT there is virtually zero chance it will be run this year.
More importantly, the C&TS has learned that by leaving 6" or a foot of snow over the rails, we can clear the railroad more efficiently with dozers and loaders without risking major track damage. The sun then pretty quickly melts those last few inches....assuming Mother Nature doesn't bite us in the rear and cover the track with more deep snow in May. So it is unlikely the OY (or OM for that matter) will be needed very often.
On the other hand, hopefully we'll reach a point when we simply WANT to use the rotary. But it's tough work for the old machinery, takes a lot of shop resources, and it's probably best that such occasions not get celebrated too frequently.
If I remember correctly the WP&Y is running their rotary next weekend.
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Rotary Runs

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Snow job

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