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Re: Eureka and Palisade

April 02, 2001 12:43AM
As of a few years ago the former Eureka station was still standing on its orginal site just north of Eureka. It is on private property.
At that time, diagonal across the street from the County Court House in Eureka is a much modified box car body from the railroad. It had been left behind near the Eureka station when the railroad was torn up. It was renovated by a person who had restored a local church parsonage. And the carbody got a raised roof and trim that looks like it belongs on a church.
Otherwise all that is left is an abandoned grade and few trestle pilings. The railroad and its people do make an interesting story. Best source for the story is David Myrick's Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California. There is an effort out there to do a history book on this line.
The Court House in Eureka itself is worth the trip to Eureka.
Brian Norden
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