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Re: replication

March 31, 2001 06:11PM
I hope you realize that I agree with almost all of what you are saying. Somehow I get the feeling that you think I am disagreeing with you! <img class=" />
I don't see anything in my post about "holding hostage" or anything of the sort. Groups that behave in a heavy handed manner don't get my support either.
I count four past and present commercial railroad video producers among my friends and several museum and tourist line managers as well, so I have been exposed to both sides. Maybe the groups or employees that are taking a hostile approach are simply reacting to the last videographer that showed up, demanding that equipment be moved, that he get a cab ride, that employees get out of his shot, etc. I'm not suggesting that you do any of this, but sometimes we all have to work twice as hard to over come the impression left by others. All the more reason to offer support to groups "upfront."
I don't shoot comercially, but I do shoot video for my own enjoyment. Whenever I have had personal contact with a railroad employee who has assisted me, I send him, or her, a copy of my finished tape. You would be surprised at how many engineers have told me that they have NEVER received any photos, despite having had hundreds taken of them. These guys appreciate even small kindnesses. We as fans should be more considerate.
BTW, keep up the fine work.
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