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SG - Central Arizona Railroad

September 14, 2020 09:36PM
This past Sunday I decided to explore a new area that I have never been to southwest of Flagstaff along the CAR. The start of this trek is along a short rail trail with the trailhead starting at Rogers Lake on the grade. A few signs have been added along this stretch to tell the story of the former logging activity in the area. Then we will drive a forest road that used to be the grade before heading into the forest for the real hike!

The static map below is the start of the trip with more to come as I work on adding the photo links to the map. The following link will get you to the interactive map with a Rogers button below the map to zoom into the new area.

Flagstaff Logging Grades Map


At the trailhead for the rail trail, a few artifacts have been put on display. Here we find one of the fluted spikes that are claimed to be from the Arizona Mineral Belt. These spikes must have been reused quite a bit to make it over here from the Lake Mary area. The AMB was bought out after it went bankrupt and the former grade and materials reused by the logging companies.

A few signs have been placed along the hike to tell the logging story. This one provides an idea of the number of logging grades that are out in the forest around Flagstaff.

A view from the grade of the San Fransisco Peaks to the northeast which is a familiar landmark to anyone who has spent time in northern AZ.

I wasn't able to find any markings on this partial stick of rail but we did find a stick of Vulcan Steel 80 at another location.


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SG - Central Arizona Railroad Attachments

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