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Re: Earl- question on #19.

June 07, 2000 05:06PM
Honestly, the whole time I was in Chama, I tried to stay as far away from 19's mechanical problems. 19 always seemed to have fuel delivery problems. I seem to remember the original mechanical fuel pumps being replaced with an EMD-style electric fuel pump. If it didn't, it would seem to me that is the way to go. The mechnical pumps won't prime the fuel system. The last problems I remember were the copper fuel lines to the injectors breaking and squirting fuel all over the inside of the hood. That is of course in addition to GBart trying to get me to Barbeque the traction motors and the rest of the electical gear while plowing 4 feet of snow.
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Earl- question on #19.

Jim Burrill June 04, 2000 08:24AM

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John West June 06, 2000 10:53AM

Re: Earl- question on #19.

Earl June 07, 2000 05:06PM

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