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A recent announcement? by the Sumpter Valley group that they had obtained Rio Grande Southern coach # 252 may have slipped under the radar so I wanted to highlight this development with its own thread. I trust the SV boys will take good care of her until such time as I hit the Lotto and can then rebuild a portion of the RGS for her to pay a visit spinning smiley sticking its tongue out So now another group is going to be needing passenger trucks, I can remember back in the 70’s talking to Bob Richardson about building passenger car trucks and now the need is from multiple organizations i.e. C&TS Friends, D&S, CRRM, SV, etc. time for some collaboration me thinks. thumbs up

I found a special newsletter for the Narrow Gauge Convention in September 1999 in my files that I have excerpted from below. Perhaps Jerry or Taylor can update us with a photo or two (especially of the interior) of the current condition of RGS 252 and plans for the future.


Special Newsletter for the 19th Narrow Gauge Convention , Portland, OR, September, 1999, Denver & Rio Grande Historical Foundation.

Rio Grande Southern Coach 252 has arrived in Durango! After a fifty year absence the 1880 Jackson & Sharp car made it safely to Durango after a high–speed trip on a low-boy trailer. With speeds approaching 65 m.p.h. we concluded this was probably faster than it ever traveled on the R.G.S. While the car was being lowered off the donated crane onto blocks behind Grand Motor Car Museum, we noticed the stamped letters “CRST” on the side sills in several places. This represents the existence of the original 1880 frame as built. She is still strong, straight and best of all, restorable.

The 252 started out life on the Denver & Rio Grande as coach #37, carried the name “GOTHIC” and was renumbered 261 during 1887. She cost $ 3,220.62 when new and was sold to the R.G.S. on April 4, 1891 for the sum of $ 2,135.00. Although she has no trucks or brake rigging, her end rails, hand rails and bolsters are still in place. Almost all of the interior wood is still there as are all the clerestory windows including glass and hardware. The 252 was scrapped on Dallas Divide (Peake) and the car body sold for use as a cabin at Trout Lake. She resided there for 46 years until she was purchased, for the second time, by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Company and its President, Don Shank. So the R.G.S. lives on. It is a live Colorado corporation with one significant asset, the 252.

Locomotive 169, former D&RG T-12 built in 1883 rests comfortably in Alamosa’s Cole Park as she has done since 1941, without her boiler jacket, but also without her asbestos. Earlier this year (1999) she passed her hydro and ultrasound with flying colors and will be moving into the restoration facility we have located. We must first purchase the building and then convert it for our use. This will take place after we complete the purchase of the Creede Branch. The purchase of two more original D&RG passenger car bodies will be completed next month. More exciting news to come, so stay tuned!

Dave Dye photo June, 2005
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