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Re: C&TS Firemen and Engineer Schools

January 03, 2010 12:22PM avatar
Hi All,

I just received the school info from Alan. Below is the text.


The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR is proud to announce a continuation of a newly created Fireman and Engineer Course for the upcoming 2010 train season due to popular demand.

It is the intent of the management team to offer two split courses for the months of June and August with a combined program available for both Fireman and Engineers in mid October.


For June 14th, 15th and 16th ( and August 16th , 17th and 18th ) a Fireman Class will be available to first time students with a strong emphasis on actual “firing” of a K-36 Baldwin locomotive for two and a half days. Class room textbooks, C & T S rule book, and Timetable will be furnished IN ADVANCE to all students and requirements will include testing of material in the classroom on Day 1. A half a day of classroom participation will be required viewing C & T S safety videos and reviewing all course materials with qualified instructors. After breaking for lunch, students will reconvene in the yard with instructors and a locomotive for an afternoon “run” to Cumbres and back allowing all participants to “fire” the 4% grade to the summit.

Day 2 (June 15th and August 17th) will be similar to previous classes in 2009 with actual firing of the locomotive from Chama to Antonito (4% grade) with a loaded freight train. Very limited time will be made running at the throttle. Maximum students in the class: 6

Day 3 (June 16thand August 18th) will also be similar to classes in 2009 with continued firing and slightly more time at the throttle if instructors are in agreement with students progress.

June 17th and August 19th , 2009 will be Days Off.


For June 18th, 19th and 20th (and August 20th, 21st, and 22nd) an Engineer Class will be available for “returning” students who previously took the Fireman/Engineer Course in 2009. Once again, all students will be sent course material in advance including textbook(s) on How a Steam Locomotive Works and Operates; emphasis will be on expanded throttle time, brakes, setting valves, injectors, lubricators, lights, repairs and maintenance along with specific studies relative to use of the AIR on the locomotive and much, much more. Homework will be required and testing will take place in the morning of Day 1 in the classroom along with company safety videos. After breaking for lunch, students will reconvene in the yard with instructors prior to a Cumbres run with loaded freight special. Maximum number of students: 6

Day 2 (June 19thand August 21st) will be running from Chama to Antonito with students at the throttle throughout the day. (Small freight with load)

Day 3 (June 20th and August 22nd) will be running from Antonito to Chama with all students rotating at the throttle throughout the day. (Small freight with load).

(Fireman students required)

The C & T S will combine BOTH Fireman and Engineer Classes as long as there are enough students who have the previous requirements of attendance in their respective courses. In other words, October 11th, 12th, and 13th a Fireman/Engineer Course will run with a maximum of 6 students Firing AND 6 students Engineering.
As stated previously for June and August, all students will be furnished designated textbooks for their respective courses along with C & T S rule book and Timetable for homework prior to their arrival on Day 1. Testing will be required on Day 1 in the classroom with qualified instructors along with proper attendance for company safety videos and review of course material in detail. After breaking for lunch, students will reconvene with instructors and a K-36 locomotive for a half day of firing and throttle time running from Chama to Cumbres Pass and back. (Note: Max 6 students firing and 6 students running…each from their respective classes.)

Day 2: (October 12th) depart Chama to Antonito with fireman student and engineer student in the locomotive with freight train and load. Rotate in the cab (1 student fireman and 1 student engineer). Qualified Instructors.

Day 3: (October 13th) depart Antonito to Chama with 1 student fireman and 1 student engineer rotating throughout the day. Qualified Instructors.


The full three day Fireman Course (2.5 days in the cab) will be $1750.

The full three day Engineer Course (2.5 days in the cab) will be $2500.

**NOTATIONS: In order to increase “cab time” for both Fireman and Engineer Courses, the C & T S will make three significant changes:

1) Homework required of all students prior to the opening of each Class which will include passing designated tests with instructors. (.5 day of Classroom)
2) A full 2.5 days of cab time whether Fireman or Engineer will be made.
3) A maximum of 6 students will be implemented for both Fireman and Engineer Classes.

For additional information or reservations, please call Ronnica @ 1-888-Cumbres.
Specific questions may also be addressed to Alan Loomis, C & T S Station Master and Special Projects Coordinator @ 575-209-0212.

This schedule differs from what I originally posted regarding the June session.

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