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Small enough image for the NG board...steam action in 1984

September 12, 2020 12:29PM
I worked on this one to make it small enough to post on this board. One of several still images (6x7 color negative) shot at and around this location(Kloofiend, Orange Free State), during our 1984 month-long steam search.
The gauge is 3 foot 6, so NG to Americans, but Cape Gauge to most others. A class 25 NC is taken the loop from the station agent as it tops the grade en route to Kimberly in July 1984. From sunrise to about 10 am we capture about 6-7 different trains including one that stalled, and received a pusher, a doubleheader each way, a train that took the far siding that was hauling steam locomotive ashes from Bloemfontain, and 2 different meets.
This train was working hard, and was shot around 9 am. This was shot with a Pentax 6 x 7, single shot (No motor drive). Back in those days one click was about $1.00 in cost. There were 10 frames per roll. Video is on a tripod while I shot stills. Would love to go back and repeat this, but alas you can no longer do so.
Greg Scholl
Orders at Kloofiend July 1984 010LR.jpg
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Small enough image for the NG board...steam action in 1984 Attachments

Greg Scholl September 12, 2020 12:29PM

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