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DSP&PRR early stock car frames

July 27, 2020 07:32PM
Hi everybody,

I have a couple of questions regarding Denver South Park and Pacific stock cars numbered 1200-1208. These cars were built by the railroad in 1880-1 by their Denver carshops, and had a capacity of 10 tons.

I am wondering what type of body bolsters these cars would have been built with. I haven't seen any photos, and I have several conflicting resources. Assuming they were built to contemporary standards, I have found two options:

A flat wooden bolster with truss rods that pass from the edge of the bolster to the center sills
(from 1879 car builder's cyclopedia, also used in product by Leadville Designs)

A sloped bolster (iron or wood) with straight truss rods
(from 3D rendering by Bill Gould, also in plans by Ron Rudnick)

Additionally, I was wondering what style of trucks these cars would have used.

Any input is appreciated!

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Peter M July 27, 2020 07:32PM

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