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Re: 493 Boiler Jacket

September 07, 2019 09:37AM
Not NG but-------

ATSF 4-8-4 2926 in Abq is close to run time...

Boiler jacketing is about half done.
Jacketing guys use big brown paper sheets as their templates, been working for months.
A local body shop does the excellent paintwork offsite

Valve spools were just installed
.But safeties received from distant rebuilders released at 260 psi sted of ~300 max during recent steamup, were sent back for spring tension corrections.

And the last major install is pistons and piston rods.

For her to run any distance, NMSL&RHS needs $30-grand for NMDOT/Herzog to safely upgrade the 8-blocks of the, 1930s Sawmill District, wornout spur between the '26 rebuild site and the Amtrak/BNSF/Rail Runner main north of downtown Abq.
There are concerns the now-heavier 2926 carrying 7000 gals of fuel oil and 25000 gals of water may overload the existing shaky trackwork.

Also...former ATSF baggage car 3939, now RPCX3939, needs less than $20 grand for upgrades as a road maintenance/crew car when it reaches Abq from Ohio this fall.

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