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SG - Southwest Forest Industries logging grade exploration - part 2

August 11, 2019 04:03PM
Yesterday I headed up to south Flagstaff again to do a little more grade hiking. The weather was in the 70s and overcast which was much better than the temps down here in the valley. My plan was to check out the end of the line at Allan Lake Landing and then head up to the wye to the northwest. I probably logged about 6 miles round trip on foot since I went up beyond the wye to the next road intersection with the grade. At the Southeast end I found several lengths of cable, tie remnants and even a spike or two at the loading tracks. Be sure and check out some of the linked photos at the wye site to the northwest. This is a nice area since the wye dams up water creating a frog pond and there are also remnants of the former logging days. I also observed a couple of Herons that were hanging out at the pond. All of the new content will be at the lower right of the map.

Logging Lines Map

After I completed the wye hike I went a couple miles further north on the highway to check out what looked like a rock roadbed. I spotted this on our way back home from the last trip and was pretty confident it would be a RR grade. This will be covered in the next installment so stay tuned.

I also wanted to post this shot of a cattle guard that I found along the wye hike which I though was interesting. Items that I find note worthy are the use of sticks with joints, the third stick of rail was Krupp from the 1880s and the 4th stick is a switch point.

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SG - Southwest Forest Industries logging grade exploration - part 2

ROW Explorer August 11, 2019 04:03PM

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